30-Day Vegg head

By: Skyler Rowe


You are what you eat…

People don’t realize how much of an affect their dietary habits have on their body. Daily, millions of Americans fill their bodies with harmful, fatty toxins that slow them down and make them feel lazy. Food is a powerful drug that can be used for both good and bad. It has the ability to control your emotions. There’s been numerous times that I’ve been to a restaurant, and after I’ve finished eating I didn’t feel the same way I did when I came in; I’m slouched over in the booth, grabbing my stomach and searching around for the nearest bathroom. On the other hand, there’s also been times that I’ve eaten something really healthy and delicious and I suddenly feel like a million bucks. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer the feeling of a million bucks over bubble guts any day.

I know I am not the only one who’s said countless times in the mirror “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”. “I’m for real this time”, “I’ll do better next week” and “oh well, there’s always next month”. For me, these so called “diets” usually last no more than few days, and result in nothing but excuse’s and unhappiness. Monday, I’ll have the mentality that I can conquer the world, ill plan out my exercise routine for the week, buy healthy groceries and give myself motivational pep talks. By the time the following Monday rolls around, I’ll be singing a completely different song. Either the gym is “too crowded”, I don’t feel like sweating out my hair, and a number 6 from Chic Fila just sounds like heaven. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m tired of making excuses. The day I stop making excuse’s and start making actions is the day I take control of my life. We look at the beautiful African American women of today and say “Black don’t crack”. Well the reality is, if you don’t take care of your body inside and out, your body is going to crack in ways you’ve never imagined. The benefits of a healthy diet and exercise include: building stamina, maintaining good health, improving mood, boosting energy, preventing diseases and helps to control weight.
With that being said, I have made the decision starting April 1st, to go on a 30-day vegetarian diet. During this diet, I hope to gain structure and discipline, not only within my dietary habits but in various aspects of my life. I look at this diet as another step in my growth process. Sometimes I find myself, slacking off and getting in my own way of my success. Sometimes I let the negative thoughts in my head limit me from my potential and life is too short for that. I also look at diet as the beginning of a spiritual journey. Although I have a strong connection with God, there’s always room for me to improve my faith and obedience. I’m committed to reading my bible more and letting my actions, words, spirit and thoughts be more of God. In order for me to grow as a person, I need to learn how to listen, stop doing things my way and do things God’s way. From this veggie-diet, I will gain strengthen, patience, tolerance and satisfaction. The message I am trying to convey in this post, is to never limit yourself. If you want to accomplish something, just do it. Excuse’s, fear and negativity are not things of God. Set a plan/goal for yourself, see it through, hold yourself accountable and let every decision you make be an opportunity for you to grow.

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