Profile: Rising Boxing Star Devon Young

By: Rehan Staton

The next generation of heavyweight boxing has arrived his name is Devon Young, out of Aiken, South Carolina. The newly crowned amateur heavyweight champion made his mark at The 43rd edition of USA Boxing’s Junior Olympic National Championships. Devon is trained by his uncle Terry Cade and together are taking the boxing world by storm. Young claimed the gold medal after defeating Roland Lemus by decision. When asked about his thoughts as he enters a ring, he replied, “I think about everything I’ve been through, then let everything go.” We went on to ask, his future goals as boxer, “My goal is to become champion,” he stated. Coach Cade has high aspirations in his nephew stating, “We’re gonna be the next uncle, nephew boxing force, hopefully surpassing Roger and Floyd Mayweather accomplishments in the ring.”  Outside of boxing, Devon ventures in other sports such as football and basketball. Devon assisted in bringing Midland Valley High School their first basketball championship in their school history. Here’s with the young champ had to say:

Get Far: How long have you been boxing?

Devon: I’ve been boxing for four years. I started when I was 13 and been at it ever since.

Do you plan to use boxing for other ventures?

Yes Sir, I’d like to get into movies and commercials once I make a household name for myself.

What makes you who you are?

My environment helped me become who I am as a person. People pushed me, I trained hard, and I have [come] a long way. My family pushes me very hard, I have a brother and I do it all for him, he’s all I think about before I fight.

Boxer dead or alive who you would like to train with?

Devon: Muhammad Ali because he is the greatest and my favorite fighter.

What did it mean for you to become champion?

It mean a lot, lots of hard work. I did it for everyone back home, everyone congratulated me. I hope to do it again next year.

Who is your biggest influence as a boxer?

It’s my uncle Terry, he’s also my boxing coach. He has supported me and always encouraged me to always do my best and push forward.

What was your most memorable fight?

 It was in the junior olympics, the first boxing match in the nationals. I knocked down my opponent, I’m probably never going to forget that moment.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I like to play basketball and football. I also like to play and spend time with my brothers and sisters, the whole family.

One thing you want your fans to know about yourself?

I want my fans to know that I will never quit. Once I’m in there, I’ll stay there and theres no going back. I also want to let everyone know, just to work hard and be patient and their dreams will come.

Thank you for your time Devon, best of luck to you.

Thank you Sir, take it easy.


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