Fit Series: 6 Principles of Fitness with Ryan Turner

By: Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner started out empowering the community, which led to countless opportunities to pursue his dream as a personal trainer and health and wellness coach. With his knowledge in nutrition and physical education, his objective is to help lead the community to a healthier, active lifestyle. Through creative, innovative ways to reach your physical goals, he has invigorating boot camp sessions, one on one personal training, online personal training and seminars where he educates and motivates clients on health and wellness.

There are 6 principle dimensions contributing to your overall health that we will be discussing over the next 6 months. These dimensions include Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Occupational and Spiritual. This month’s topic discussion is your Physical dimension.

Fitness Trainer: Ryan Turner of Authentic Fitness based in California
Fitness Trainer: Ryan Turner of Authentic Fitness based in California

The Physical dimension recognizes the need for regular physical activity. Physical development encourages learning about diet and nutrition, while discouraging the use of alcohol consumption and tobacco use. Optimal wellness is met through the combination of good exercise and healthy eating habits.

Through physical fitness we can incorporate these six dimensions into our daily regimens to create a balanced lifestyle. I will be giving different full body workouts that you can do in your choice of location over the following months. This month’s full body workout:

  • 15-25 reps of Push-ups
  • 15-25 reps of Lunges
  • 15-25 reps of Squats
  • 15-25 reps of Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Burpees

Do 5-10 sets of the regimen listed every morning to start your day. If you can’t fulfill the entire amount of sets, do as many as you can and gradually increase. With consistent dedication, you build your stamina to be able to do more than you started your regimen with.

Ryan Turner Is from Richmond CA, where he founded Authentic Fitness. He has extensive experience providing tailored functional strength and body training to individuals,groups and sporting groups and is passionate about fitness and helping people to feel good about themselves.

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