A Survival Guide for Black Students on a Predominantly White College

By Dr. Ray

After receiving four of my five college degrees from a predominately White college institution, I realized that my Black friends and I had to create an “African- centered College Survival Guide” in order to maintain our rich cultural identity. White colleges are not designed to empower Black students, nor are they designed to acknowledge our natural existence. For Black students, White colleges are designed to transform the Black mind into an oppressive and destructive state of false consciousness. Once this process is established, Black students begin to travel on a destructive journey that may strip them of the knowledge of themselves and enslave their minds FOREVER. Nevertheless, there are some critical survival techniques that I suggest to Black students which MUST be incorporated within their everyday way of life, regardless of other techniques that they are currently embracing. Once these techniques become a natural way of life for Black college students at a predominately White college institution, we will be on the path of gaining and mastering true knowledge of self and becoming free from the mental and spiritual bondage of Eurocentric destruction and oppression.

Since trillions and trillions of Black people of African descent perished so that we can have the opportunity to achieve higher levels of accomplishments, we must embark on an African -centered doctrine that will help us to master the knowledge of our community and ourselves. We must study ALL forms of universal knowledge from an African-centered perspective. We must establish a strong and powerful relationship with ALL Black faculty, staff, students, and community members. We must be able to develop and implement the necessary knowledge and skills to eliminate ALL forms of oppression/injustices on-campus, off- campus, nationally, and internationally. We must collaborate with ALL Black organizations that are working toward the betterment of our peoples. We must create African-centered programs and initiatives that will benefit ALL Black people throughout the diaspora. We must utilize African-centered models, traditions, rituals, and practices in ALL of our unity gatherings. We must utilize the knowledge, skills, and abilities that ALL Black people have to offer.

As Black college students on a predominately White college institution embark on their journey, we must understand and master an “African- centered College Survival Guide” in order to maintain our rich cultural identity. This knowledge will give us the tools and insight so we can build a strong and powerful Black Nation. By the end of the college journey, Black college students will become OUTSTANDING Black leaders as well as be able to liberate our peoples to a higher levels of African spiritual consciousness. This is simple, but complex, African-centered analysis will allow Black students to transform our minds to a greater level of acceptance, appreciation, and acknowledgement of the unification and love of Black people and the Black mind. As long as we embrace this “African- centered College Survival Guide,” our minds will FOREVER BE FREE!!!

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