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Bandman Kevo: One Band One Sound

By: Que Eleven


Bandman Kevo is one of the hottest new talents to come out of the Midwest with his smash hit “Baller In Me” and his new single “Internet”. Bandman Kevo has risen to new and exciting heights in his career and 2016 is looking like a break out year. Gracing a XXL Freshman cover would be a compliment, but with Bandman Kevo’s talents and great work ethic he will be no stranger to the Billboard charts

Que Eleven: How did you get your name?

Bandman Kevo: I got Bandman from having a lot of money and never having less than a band of $1000 dollars.

Que Eleven: How would you describe your music?

Bandman Kevo: Money talk, finesse music, and trap music are my styles.

Que Eleven: Whats it like where you come from and how did it influence your music?

Bandman Kevo: I come from 26th and California in a lil project called Lawndale Gardens in Chicago. It’s a crazy place with lots of different races of people. Mixed Mexicans, Blacks and different gangs in the same complex which made it hard living there, but I made it through and seeing a lot of struggle, hustlers and killings made me wanna go harder. Made me wanna be someone people can look up to, and not just the local drug dealer or local gang banger, but I watched all types of rappers growing up and wanted to be a rapper really bad. I never thought I would be able to live that type of lifestyle coming from where I came from.

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