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Birth Of A Nation (Charlottesville)

Make it legal to be black,
Donald this the first step to making America great again,
Neo Nazi or White Supremacist,
Call a Spade a Spade,
After Birth of a Nation Trump hides in the shade,
Total eclipsed by Obamacare because Obama actually cared,
Solar eclipsed by the moon too soon,
Only for the sun to dance with shattered dreams,
One thirty-two years young Heather Heyer with a powerful sense of fairness,
Colin Kapernick took a knee so we could stand,
Marshawn Lynch sat down so we could walk hand in hand,
These are steps to make America great again,
Equality on so many levels,
New levels new devils,
This devil wears a suit and his rhetoric of hate navigates be a Fake President,
Twitter Fingers only 140 Characters,
How many more tweets will you send out with blood on your hands,
I hope 32 the last tweet being your resignation,
So real Nobel Peace can birth a righteous Nation,
I have high hopes peace be still Charlottesville,

By Quentin D. Wright

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