Black History Quiz

By: Isaiah Daniel
In light of everything that’s going on in the media, I think it is time that we actually learn about our history and how important persons were in the advancement of our people. The black history quiz app is made for those who want to not only learn but brush up on their knowledge. This critical tool was designed by QuickThinking software in late October of 2013.

The app does things a little differently. It was not made in the design of most trivia apps that keep you paced with scores and time but to really peak your curiosity in who the lives and achievements of the individuals. Have no fear! The quiz is easy to follow. When you are prompted by a question the next question will not appear until you get the first question correct. This will get you to actually think about your answer and why the answer is sufficient to the question and may even spark your interest in trying to do research on who that person actually was. It may even get you to learn a little more than what the question asks. It is a great learning tool not only during Black History Month but in teaching the next generation our collective history and heritage. This app is for android users and located on the Google play store. Download it to take your history game to next level.

Thank You!

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