Black Male Agenda: The Manifestation of Greatness Within Black Men

BY: Dr. Ray

I only speak truth. Therefore, I must truthfully say that Black Male Agenda is the greatest organization for Black males in the entire world. This outstanding group was established on September 22, 2008 on the campus of Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland. During that time, their core legendary leaders- Maurice Robinson, Ameer-Hassan Walton, Marcus White, and Brian Whitehead as well as their two advisors, Roberte Foster and Raymond Shorter –created the blueprint that has transformed this organization into a world-renowned model that proudly produces Black male leaders whose focus is the liberation and salvation of the BLACK NATION.





Almost seven years later, Black Male Agenda is still producing Black male leaders who are instantly CHANGING THE WORLD like never before. These magnificent Black men have an agenda-which is a visionary action plan that they execute throughout their daily lives. The secret within our agenda is our intense rights of passage process that’s rooted in an African Centered Paradigm. This process has allowed us to perfect our African centered paradigm and use it as a catalyst to master the knowledge of ourselves and to liberate the spiritual consciousness of African people.


As members of Black Male Agenda, we exhibit the highest forms of spirituality, leadership, public speaking, relationship building, creativity, integrity, scholarship, wisdom, and love for our people. We are a manifestation of the GOD within. We live life in truth, justice, righteousness, balance, harmony, order, and reciprocity. We are an insightful, wisdom seeking, spirit filled, visionary leader that would never stop fighting for the liberation of our peoples. We are African Kings-successful rulers of our own destiny. We are Black Male Agenda-implementing the concept to CHANGE THE WORLD.



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