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Calling All Artists: A Conversation with Jona Wigfall

BY: Whitney McArthur

“Life is art. We share time and space as travelers on a journey to the straight path, looking for our life’s purpose. Born an artist, I use my talents to ignite the light within you. I am inSEARCHof the light and truth.”

I chose to interview Jona because she is light. She is humble in her glow. She has been drawing her entire life. When I met her her vibe was that of art. She brings light out of you. She unintentionally draws creations out of you. She stimulates the soul in such an unconscious and honest way that you feel quite altered. You desire more.

She is respectful in her process and of anyone else’s journey. She is ardent in her craft, and her progress and production is unwavering. Her work is all over the walls of DC. There is a demand for her paintbrush’s touch.

Her message is clear: ignite the light.

Art – 1. Skill acquired by experience, study, or observation. 2. A branch of learning. 3. An occupation requiring knowledge or skill. 4. The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. 5. A skillful plan. 6. Decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter.

Jona’s work will be defined through Merriam-Webster’s definition of the word: Art. She fulfils these six necessary requirements. That is why she is art.

  • Skill acquired by experience, study, or observation

          *Bachelor of Science – Digital Art & Design

  • A branch of learning
    *Paint –n—Sip (Washington, DC)
  • An occupation requiring knowledge or skill
    *EALU – Creative Director
  • The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects
    *Paintings, Ceramics, Jewelry, Clothing
  • A skillful plan
    *Objective: to magnify the creative environment by infusing positivity and artistic vibrations.
  • Decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter
    *inSEARCHof/EALU Tee shirts

What is inSearchof?

Jona: [InSEARCHof] is a pseudonym that I basically go by…I don’t want people to be biased with my work about who the artist’s sex is. Like Banksy- a graffiti artist I really like. I got it from N.E.R.D’S first album…I liked the message “Life is like a journey”. You’re always in search of something, but at one point in time it changes up for you. I liked the message, but it’s also my brand. I don’t want to brand myself per se. Just my name.

Who are you?

Jona: I am Jona Wigfall. And I am a Visual Artist.

[Jona is live painting]

Jona: I went to school for digital art and design, but after graduation I chose to start painting. The space I was in was an outlet. I was trying to find ways to make money and paint so I would do live paints. From there I met a lot of cool people and um [laughs] and uh that’s how I got into the business…doing charity shows and putting my art out there. People seemed to like it and gravitate towards it. The Universe is working.
It’d be selfish for me to say the Universe is working with me, though. I am working with the Universe.

What is your definition of style?

Jona: Style is being true to yourself. Style is based off of how I dress and is a reflection of me. For example, Kelis. What you wear doesn’t matter. Your confidence will show. So your style is your confidence.

What is inSEARCHof’s style?

Jona: Is art a style? I’m trying to take art to different canvases…jewelry, clothes, belts, shoes, chairs. I just wanna see more art everywhere. That could be the next fashion movement. That’d be pretty cool.


What do you have for us?

Jona: I have a line of tee shirts that are out ( There will be new designs coming as well. I am the Creative Director of #EALU (Everybody.Ain’t.Like.U) so there’s always EALU tees available ( I also did the artwork for their upcoming albums/shows.

But there will also be…

Jona: More live paints. Classes, too. I’m gonna be doing the Paint -n- Sip classes again. Teaching Beginner Level Art.
Location: Anacostia Earth Center (Washington, D.C).
Jo-of-Art went live.


Upcoming features include

The Sun:

“For me, first of all, dopeness is what I like the most. Dopeness. People who want to make things as dope as possible. And by default, make money from it. The thing that I like the least are people who only want to make money from things whether they’re dope or not. And especially make money at making things as least dope as possible.”
 – Kanye West

As an artist, do you recognize cultural appropriation?

Jona: I feel like regardless it’s our souls [that are being appropriated]…whatever culture it is. People who want to live with basic morals and umm…things like you know not being selfish…people who innately want to fulfill their passion [are being appropriated].

Our souls are being appropriated. And everything else is just a manifestation of that. With my shirts, I wanna have positive messages on them and use them for the sake of geometry to provoke good vibrations from people. Because ultimately, there is time and we are dying every day.

Who’s supposed to care? Why should we care?

Jona: People who completely ignore that. We’ve been taught ignorance the opposite way. Anyone with intentions to suppress that [should care].

We should care because if you believe in Strength Theory and you know that all of us are connected on a vibratory level, you understand our consciousness. The consciousness of everyone affects everyone. So no matter what, it will affect you. You can solely focus on yourself but you’re still gonna affect others and vice versa. Those things are gonna steer why you’re choosing a certain path so no matter what it will affect you. And actions have reactions in other dimensions as well. That is why we should care.

Thank you.

This is a call to the artists seeking stability in their substance.

If we cannot get paid for our craft by the world we will find ways to pay for ourselves.

Follow Jona & EALU or bookmark the websites to stay updated:

Jona -> @insearchof_ealu (twitter/IG)

Jona’s Website ->

EALU -> @ealu_dc (IG)

Ealu’s Website ->

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