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Capry Sun -L.I.F.E ( Poem)

Dolton Tee

They say never take life for granted,
I didn’t, I took it as a lesson!
If it don’t kill you then,
It can only make you stronger,
So I thank God for the bless-and,
He allowed me to live longer.
Time still passes us by, the clock Tick- tock.
You never hear a sound.
Mommy rocked the baby fast asleep.
You never hear the sound of the bang when daddy’s found!
Gun pointed to the head forced to the ground.
Giving me what you got!
Not having much to give.
What you giving? Now?
Times is hard, so It’s a hard time!
Running from life itself, never turning around.
Determined to persevere through the hate,
To be loved by someone that cares.
Never being doubtful, do they really care?
Or are these lies to persuade you?
To allow you to lay on your back!
To allow them to take what you got, not giving back!
Not motivated, and still love for the both of us.
By little faith, you still, trust!
Trying to do your best.
Get good grades and pass those test, in school,
But you surrounded by bad people with good intentions, and no rules!
Still not taking full responsibility, for that boat that sank.
Never having a guilty conscience to think,
Maybe it was me!
Unreliable for situations that occurred.
Being judge for choices I’ve made.
Impacted by my life decisions.
Now to get the change out of the toll I paid!
So why should you not believe my eye witness?
So why should you not open your eyes to see, or your ears to  listen?
 – Capry Sun
   @capry.sun (instagram)


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