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Diaries of A Frequent Concert Goer: Jazmine Sullivan at The Fillmore

By: Desiree Sealey

She’s baaaaaaack! And with more of a vengeance than busting windows out of your car. She, the musical force to be reckoned with, teases the roaring crowd from backstage with her opening song while her small, simple band accompanied by two back up singers set the scene for a welcome back embrace. She, in all her thick and curvy glory, donning a hugging black leather fringed-sleeved dress and big hair, approaches the dimly lit stage with the same smile that the crowd greets her with. After a far too long hiatus, she, Jazmine Sullivan, has easily made her way back into the hearts and souls of her fans.
During a pause in her set, she recalls the reasons why she left the music industry: relationship issues and a quest to reaffirm her self-worth. All of that is overshadowed by her chart topping album though, Reality Show, and the vocal runs that we, the fans, rush to keep up with. Her voice, a dizzying range that you succumb to in person paired with her relatability, is what has proved to be the sustaining force in her comeback.

The Fillmore, located in Silver Spring, Md is the last show on the leg of her Reality show tour (2nd time returning to the DMV to a sold out crowd) where she shares her almost tearful appreciation to how receptive her fans have been. As she preludes her former hits like “Bust Your Windows,” “Holding You Down (Going in Circles)” and “Lions, Tigers & Bears,” the crowd is abuzz in desperate anticipation to experience the fresher, evolved, been through some things Jazmine Sullivan. The beat drops for “Dumb”, and the group of ladies behind me begin to sway with their hands in unison. Far into the show, we repeat the lyrics of her fresh tunes as if we’re having a juicy conversation with our college roommate at 2 am or daydreaming about an ex we’d love to remind what he has missed. It is then that we’re reminded of the raw emotion and sassy attitude she invokes with her lyrical brevity and vocal superiority. To scan the crowd, you’ll find a mix of homegirls, post happy hour, chanting their newly appointed anthems: “Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)” & “Mascara.” On the contrary, you will also find yourself standing next to couples hitting the slow and sexy snap and two-step while being serenaded by “Let It Burn.” And, of course, what would her album be without #ascornedgirlsplaylist including “Brand New,” “Stupid Girl” and the ultimate crowd favorite “Forever Doesn’t Last.” Needless to say, Jazmine Sullivan knows how to deliver an amazing performance and will continue to garner the loyalty of her fans.

She ends the show with an encore of an oldie but goodie: “In Love with Another Man” and you can sense everyone in the room not wanting the show to come to an end. It all feels like a fantasy too short lived but one thing’s for sure: Jazmine Sullivan has safely yet boldly landed in her spot to stand the test of time.

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