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DJ Epidemic: “The Hometown Hero”

By: Que Eleven

DJ Epidemic is one of the most versatile Dj’s of all-time. His blending and flawless sets are some of the best you’ll ever hear. To put it simply he can do it all. Super Producer is one of the many tools in his box that he uses to capture the ears and hearts of music lovers. When he is not running an entire radio station, he spends his time plotting to take what is his and that is the crown. Before he does this Chicago’s “Hometown Hero” sat down with us at Get Far Magazine to let us know why he is in fact the “Hometown Hero”.
Get Far: What made you initially start DJ’ing?

DJ Epidemic: I was always a fan of music, House and Hip Hop in general. I would go to family parties and there would be dj’s there or we would listen to mixtapes from djs in the city. It just fascinated me.

Get Far: How did you get the name Home Town Hero?

DJ Epidemic: I used to go by “Your Babies Momma’s Favorite Dj” and I was growing out of that phase of my life and wanted to have a moniker that meant something. Chicago’s my hometown so it was always about a hometown boy making good Plus in the eyes of my son I am his hero, so it’s about family more than anything.

Get Far: Who are your biggest influences as a DJ?

DJ Epidemic: Man Jam Master Jay, Dj Jazzy Jeff, Bad Boy Bill, The X – Executioners, Scratch Bastid. The list goes on. I’m just influenced by the craft itself.

Get Far: What shows do you DJ/Produce?

DJ Epidemic: I am the host of Pitch Control Radio Sat. Mornings on, which is a Dj Driven show. I also am the producer of the Big Heff Radio Show, which is syndicated in 8 markets on Fm radio as well as Internet radio and is growing.

Get Far: If DJ Epidemic is stranded on an island what 5 items are you taking with you?

DJ Epidemic: Ok. I’m taking a sleeping bag; I’m bringing a picture of my wife and kids, a lighter, Turntables and my vinyl collection.

Get Far: What makes a good DJ in your eyes?

DJ Epidemic: Someone who can read a crowd and move them through multiple genres of music. Someone with the basic knowledge of the craft. I would rather listen to someone with the basic knowledge of the craft then someone who can do a bunch of tricks but doesn’t know how to rock a crowd.

Get Far: Owner of a Radio Station tell us about it?

DJ Epidemic: I am the owner of WLGK Logik Radio, a multi Genre radio station where we cover sports, news and music. We have urban roots but we also have that Top 40 feel. We pay respect to the Classics as well as pave the way for up and comers. You can find us on I Tunes and in your Google Play Store the keyword is LogikRadio. You can also check out our Digital Magazine (Station Website) at

Get Far: Finally Where Can they find you on social media?

DJ Epidemic: My Twitter and Periscope is @DJ_Epidemic I’m new to periscope so we have to work on it. My Ig is DJEpidemic also @LogikRadio @PitchControl_R It’s a lot but these are my main accounts that I use.

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