DJ Que Eleven inspires us all with an open letter

My name is Quentin D. Wright aka DJ Que Eleven. I’m a black man in America. Not just a black man in America but a black man from Chicago, IL one of the most profound cities in the world, and one of the coldest, and I’m not talking about weather. I had the pleasure of growing up in the inner city. I have had friends gunned down and taken away from me with senseless acts of violence and no regard for life whatsoever. I have been handcuffed for no reason at all other than just walking outside and been detained for no reason. Honestly, the chain of events I mentioned were just my years as a teenager in Chicago.

In the most recent event, my father, an off duty Oak Park Police Officer, was shot by a 17 yr. old and 18 yr. old. As the botched robbery failed, they exchanged fire and my father was shot in the elbow and the calf at 5am in the morning in Chicago the day after the Mayweather fight against Pac-Man. I woke up by a text from my sister telling me to call her. When I did, I had to rush to the hospital to see if my father was ok. I’m not going to go any further into detail about this crime against my dad, but I will tell you some things I see as a black man and I how I try to help the society that we live in. I’ll also speak on the crimes against people that encounter the police in a negative light.

In my years of life on this planet, Chicago has always been a very violent place to live and grow up. I was told wherever there is poverty there is crime happening. There is lots of truth to that, even though we know this, the people in power only do so much to create jobs for people here in my city which is one of the toughest cities to obtain a job. For Black men growing up who have had a majority of negative images of people that look like them, incarcerated or broke with no job and can’t feed their families, these images are a reality here and I’m sure around the world in other urban cities. This open letter is really to just let the men and woman of the inner city, and all the cities around the world, know that you and every person matter. You matter to me and you also matter to the world.

This open letter is to let you know that I have had hardships just like you, and that with God and prayer all bad vibes will come and go. Bad times do not last forever. I would like to encourage each and every person reading this to just follow your heart and do not ever give up on your dreams. I am a living witness that dreams come true. Dreams coming true from traveling, DJ’ing and being on the radio to being featured in national publications and working with major music artist such as YG, Asap Ferg, Twista, 2Chainz, Cyhi Da Prynce, Yo Gotti, French Montana and many more. I have sat and spoken on music panels with legends, so I know Dreams come True. I know dreams come true, and I just want you to know that crimes committed against people will come to an end because I have a positive mind frame that has already told the universe that the violence must come to an end. Together we will change the world one day at a time, and with my platform I will always promote peace and tranquility to the fullest.
When I’m not DJ’ing, I go by Mr. Wright at Gwendolyn Brooks Jr. High. When I’m teaching, I do it with a purpose to let the students know that they matter. Not only do they matter but also their influence on this planet matters. This open letter is for the person on their last dollar. It will get better. This open letter is for the person who stopped smoking and wants to be a better example for their children. This open letter is for the person who just went back to school to better their situation. This open letter is for the fighter in you. I want you to never give up on your dream. I repeat, never give up. The city of Chicago has given birth to a fighter. I’m sure other cities like Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, etc have all given births to fighters, and if the fighter in you has not been born yet this open letter is for you. Fight for your dreams, and consider me a brother, and know that dreams do come true…
– Quentin “DJ Que Eleven” Wright

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