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Dr. Ayesha Hunter: Poem – Who Is In Session?

Who is in session?
A person presenting in pain
She doesn’t know what to do
Feeling like she’s going insane

Who is in session?
Confused, fed up, and just downright tired
Amazed at how things get worse
Needing help, desired to be inspired.

Who is in session?
Doubting that she’ll find a solution
But being brave anyway to clear all of this pollution
Pollution of all the toxicity and dysfunctionalism
From broken relationships of the past
When she was abused and misused,
Negative treatment seeming to last.

A century or for a lifetime
When can she have a release?
She asks herself
“When, if ever, will I be free?
Free to have the capacity to get to know the true me?”

Who is in session?
The One that knows it’s time to change
She’d done tried everything else
Feelings about Black folks getting therapy can be strange.
But she is sick and tired of being sick and tired.
So now it’s time to try something new
Who is in session?
You who are reading this, perhaps it should be you?

I am a Licensed Married Family Therapist & Counseling Psychologist, who practices in Stockton. My clients are on welfare and have experienced a lot of trauma, DV, substance abuse, anxiety, relationship and parenting problems, depression, unemployment, & low self-worth concerns.

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