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The Creation of Black Awards: Stop Begging To Be A Slave

By: Dr. Ray

In 1929, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences created the Academy Awards, honoring achievements within the film industry. The winners from each category receive a statuette that is called Oscar.  Although the Oscar is 87 years old, it looks like an identical replica of Ptah, the Kemetic (Egyptian) God who created the universe and everything within it thousands of years before the Oscar ever existed.

In 2012, The LA Times reported that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has a membership of 94 percent White and 3 percent Black. While within the Academy Awards 87 year history, only 35 Black people are amongst the 2947 people that have been awarded an Oscar.

In 1996, Reverend Jesse Jackson called for a protest against the Oscars because of the low number of Black Academy Award nominees. In 2015, the Los Angeles Chapter Nation Action Network, with the blessing of their founder Reverend Al Sharpton, called for a protest against the Academy Awards for its lack of racial diversity amongst the Academy Awards nominees.  Even Spike Lee and Mo’Nique has raised concerns about the injustice treatment that they believe that exists with the culture of the Academy Awards.  With that said why are we still integrating and associating with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when they continue to not want to include us? Why are we begging for them to validate and appreciate the amazing work that we produce? Why are we even concerned about what they think of our greatness?

As Black people, we need to create our own awards. As Black people, we need to pull our resources together and create our own film industry. As Black people, we need to validate, appreciate, and support US. As Black people, we need to focus on producing powerful leaders that will provide a vision of greatness for our peoples so that we can continue to produce the greatest masterpieces of film that OUR film industry will ever know.

Therefore Black people, stop begging White folks to accept and acknowledge us. Stop begging White folks for acceptance and appreciation. Stop begging White folks for validation and security. Stop begging White folks for an identity and self-respect. More so, stop begging White folks for ANYTHING.

Let the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have their watered down replica Oscar.  As Black people, let’s create our own Creation statuette…Ptah!

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