BY: Tina Divina SHRIMP!! Isn’t that enough to make you hungry? I mean unless you’re allergic, then perhaps that word sounds like death to you, but for a “Foodie” like myself, SHRIMP sounds like all types of yummy to my tummy. So I had a taste for shrimp and wasn’t

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My name is Quentin D. Wright aka DJ Que Eleven. I’m a black man in America. Not just a black man in America but a black man from Chicago, IL one of the most profound cities in the world, and one of the coldest, and I’m not talking about weather.

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By: Rehan Staton   Former light welterweight NABO and welterweight contender Karim Mayfield (19-2-1) has been mentioned to be in the Mayweather sweepstake for September. Mayfield has defeated the likes of Steve Forbes and Mauricio Herrera, but lost two of his last three fights to Thomas Dulorme and Emmanuel Taylor.

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Supreme Queen is a community based street clothing line from San Francisco established March 2013 to promote positivity, unity, and self-worth amongst young women from urban communities. The line prides itself on their “in your face” content, controversial slogans, and styles of clothing that highlight the struggles and triumphs of

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By: Isaiah Daniel In light of everything that’s going on in the media, I think it is time that we actually learn about our history and how important persons were in the advancement of our people. The black history quiz app is made for those who want to not only

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By: Ronnishia Johnson “They want to say bye bye to the Bay view. The media used to hate us, now they pay per view. Picture that, no trivia to that, dress it up like gentrification is the new black. They see us when we fall, but they never want to

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By: Jasmine Stewart Ms. Stewart sits down with the magazine’s creators: Imani Shani and A. WaL. Get Far: Tell us a little bit about yourselves? Imani: I’m a talented down to earth girl from San Francisco trying to make my dream become my reality. A. WaL: I’m a maker, a

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By: Ryan Turner Ryan Turner started out empowering the community, which led to countless opportunities to pursue his dream as a personal trainer and health and wellness coach. With his knowledge in nutrition and physical education, his objective is to help lead the community to a healthier, active lifestyle. Through

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By: Rehan Staton The next generation of heavyweight boxing has arrived his name is Devon Young, out of Aiken, South Carolina. The newly crowned amateur heavyweight champion made his mark at The 43rd edition of USA Boxing’s Junior Olympic National Championships. Devon is trained by his uncle Terry Cade and

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By: Whitney McArthur “You know we live in an ass-licking economy. The biggest problem is that there are too many qualified people who are not where they are because they won’t lick anybody’s ass, or they don’t know which ass to lick or they don’t even know how to lick ass.”

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