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First Look at Chi-Raq with Ldorado Jonez

LaMar plays “Ajani” he is second in command of the Spartan gang alongside Nick Cannon. LaMar explained that Spike Lee really cares about what’s going on in Chicago and the whole movie was not captured in the trailer. The movie was really made to Save lives. If people really know Spike Lee they know that his movies always have a profound and positive message that is undeniable to the strings of the heart. Que Eleven got a chance to talk to Ldorado Jonez.

Que Eleven: What was it like to be a part of this great cast?

Ldorado Jonez: I was definitely honored to be apart of such a great cast, absolutely no egos involved in this film everybody came together on one accord to make an amazing project. Not just a film but something that can transcend the screen and hopefully help put a end to the senseless gun violence in Chicago.

Que Eleven: What’s the difference between acting on a TV show and a major motion picture?

Ldorado Jonez: I don’t really see them as different at this point. The time it takes to get to the public differs depending on the medium. Honestly, I try to approach both with the same level of passion and commitment. I’m still excited about working on films and television equally.

Que Eleven: Can we expect to see you play in any new movies or tv shows this season?

Ldorado Jonez: That is yet to be determined. I hope so. We’ll have to see what scripts come along and where I fit (laughs).

Que Eleven: What moments making this film stood out to you the most?

Ldorado Jonez: Watching Nick Cannon channel his emotions and really put on a great performance during one scene, I have so much respect for Nick. Watching him do his thing and not get the fake tears and channel the emotion. It encompasses the entire spectrum of human emotion! Spike Lee controlled and navigated the set with his unique way and process. Spike Lee did laps around the set and watching him while planning each shot was incredible.



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