Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield is ready for anyone and has some words for a certain boxer when he sees him

By: Rehan Staton


Former light welterweight NABO and welterweight contender Karim Mayfield (19-2-1) has been mentioned to be in the Mayweather sweepstake for September. Mayfield has defeated the likes of Steve Forbes and Mauricio Herrera, but lost two of his last three fights to Thomas Dulorme and Emmanuel Taylor. Mayfield made a successful return against Michael Balasi and is ready for anyone they put in front of him. We had a chance to talk to Mayfield to discuss his ventures in boxing and elsewhere.

What inspired you to get into boxing?

Mayfield: There was a gym that opened up and I wasn’t doing much was just out in the streets. I ended up sparring on my first day against someone who was already boxing for a couple years. I dropped him and everything.

What age was that?

Mayfield: That was around the age of 20.

What was your most memorable amateur fight?

Mayfield: Golden Gloves in San Francisco just due to the fact I was the main event against someone I fought two times, we both won one. I won the fight.

Can you describe your fighting style?

Mayfield: You know everyone used to love showmen, people like Roy Jones Jr, so I used to emulate him early on. Then I started to watch Mike Tyson because people used to compare my style to his. It took awhile to find my own self.

Would Mike Tyson and Roy Jones be your favorite fighter?

Mayfield: It would be Muhammad Ali. He was more than just a fighter. He was a fighter in life, a champion at life. He was the people’s champ. He made an impact on the world overall.

Who is your favorite fighter today?

Mayfield: A few guys, Andre Ward, you have to say Floyd, of course myself, and Ava Knight.

How did your environment help shape you into a boxer?

Mayfield: I have to admit my cousins and I use to fight a lot. We use to put on like seven pairs of socks and duke it out or slap box a lot. The hood we grew up in it was before guns became a big thing. I was the last of that breed before guns came in. In my hood we used to fight it out opposed to shooting. I’m also 50 and 0 in the streets.

When did you know you wanted to turn pro?

Mayfield: Originally I didn’t want to I just wanted to stay active. But, when I sparred a pro and I did really good with him. I had only like 10 amateur [fights] and I saw I could get more than just recognition and trophies. I could get money.

Your most memorable fight as a pro?

Mayfield: Stopping Steve Forbes on ESPN, winning the NABO title at 140 pounds.



Is there anyone you want to fight?

Mayfield: Nobody in particular, but anybody that has a title. Anybody that’s in the top 10, or anyone that can bring a big payday.

Is a there a match up you want to see in boxing?

Mayfield: I’d like to see Shawn Porter vs Keith Thurman. Broner vs Garcia.

You were listed as one of Floyd’s possible opponents.

Mayfield: Floyd had mentioned he had two possible opponents and he said me or Andre Berto. He said he’s sure the opponent will be either Mayfield or Berto. Now I’m just waiting to see who will he choose. If he choose me then its Mayweather vs Mayfield call it Mayday, call it Mayhem. It will be history in the making by defeating Mayweather.

Karim Mayfield during his title fight with Raymond Serrano in Albany, NY
Karim Mayfield during his title fight with Raymond Serrano in Albany, NY


What is one mark you want to leave behind in boxing?

Mayfield: That you don’t have to be undefeated to have great fights or be a great fighter. As long as you fight they will come and see you. As long as you put out good effort and see that you worked. The people will come out to see you on the strength of your heart. I want to show and prove I’m coming to win and my two loses don’t define me.



What do you do for fun besides boxing?

Mayfield: I spend a lot of time with my children and I’m also a entrepreneur. I work on a shoe accessory called skid plate and you put at the bottom of the shoe. It sparks whenever it goes against blacktop or concrete. The spark isn’t hot enough where it can harm you, burn your clothes, or anything. It’s cool for dancers or skateboarders or for any recreational purposes. I also dropped an app on Friday called Nutty Snap. It’s a safety app. As soon as you put it on once you’re about to get into a bad situation it sends a video and sound to a email and secondary email. It also has GPS coordinates so the receiver will know where you are.

If there’s one thing about you that you want the fans to know, what would it be?

Mayfield: That I’m super cool. Sometimes I may come across as flamboyant, but every fighter needs to have confidence. I’m not cocky as if I rule the world, but I walk in big shoes. I am confident. I’m not about any B.S. There were times where I see Porter writing some things, so if I see him at the press conference I will address him. Tell him the things he said was not necessary. I grew up in the streets, but I don’t need to be violent unless I get in the ring.

Do you have any words of encouragement for your fans?

Mayfield: Don’t let anyone write your book, you write your own book. Everyone will always tell you what you can and can’t do, but don’t let anyone write your book, write your own book.

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