Krystal Daniel – What Does it Mean to be Unapologetically Black?

Unapologetic is the most recent word used to describe a both powerful and conscious black person who is not afraid to give his or her opinion. Such opinions may include: America’s white supremacist mindset and/or consistent trail of systematic oppression, racism, colorism, sexism, misogyny, or any other controversial topic that needs to be addressed. Being unapologetic also, and most importantly, means that one does not apologize, or feel shame, for his or her blackness. As black people, especially in America, we have been taught to hate our blackness and aspire to change ourselves in order to meet a certain unspoken, but very present, standard. This standard often causes us to attempt to erase parts of our blackness by frying our hair, cleaning up our dialect, silencing our opinions, and conforming to a society that overlooks us. However, in this new age of social media, black people have been provided an empowering platform to express their dissatisfaction with the stipulations and stereotypes that society often attributes to them. Thus, a rise in Unapologetic Blackness has commenced and caused a positive ripple effect of pro-blackness that has expanded across platforms in both cyber-space and reality. Such pride has shown its fruit across the country with a rise in promoting the importance of black role models, protecting black bodies and black spaces, protesting anti-black laws and practices, and denouncing the rhetoric that whiteness is everything that black could never be. This new unapologetic mindset has caused an eruption in like-minded black men and women who have equipped themselves with unshakable pride in themselves and their history.

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