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Maya Hudson: Poem – Acceptance

Things have drastically changed
Yet somehow I’m not going insane
Tears never fell when you gave me the news
Somehow I still had the blues
But they didn’t last long
I’m singing a different song
I have finally decided to confront my feelings
Not for you but for my own healing
Hearing of you and her took me by surprise
I’m grateful I didn’t see with my own eyes
The sight of that would have had me in shock
Especially seeing you two liplock when those lips on your face were mine
Kisses on my forehead so divine
Each one made me feel as if I was frozen in time
Each touch even your hand in my hand
felt like a gift given to me that I only I could understand
Wishing that things go back to the way they were
Yet when I reminisce, it seems like it was all a blur
Every minute, every second, every call, every text
was all preparing you for what was coming next
A breach in our relationship
A pause in our friendship
No longer seeing you as my protector or my advocate
But a harmful soldier
changing forces
You used to be here on my team
but now I see that things are not as they once seemed
See not only have you moved on but you have changed as well
Now when I see your pictures
I no longer feel swell
It’s been over a year since I’ve seen your face
yet somehow I feel like seeing you would be a disgrace
to my growth as a person
Funny thing is I no longer know where my old friend is
My old friend left when the old me did
Sad to say but things between us may never return
However, the thought of that doesn’t make my stomach churn
In fact, I am slowly making peace….
with the fact that you are no longer my “piece” or my peace
See sir I ran to you with every emotion
I now understand that doing that was like being in slow motion
Trying to move forward as an individual
but running to you as my only visual
I only saw things through your eyes, tunnel vision
Baby now I see through my own, following my ambition(s)
I am not as young as when you last saw me
and no I am not grown
But babe I’d rather be my myself
than to call you my own……


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