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Maya Hudson: Poem – Forbidden

I see you and can’t help but smile
Of course that smile can only last for awhile
You see
There could never be a “you and me”
no we, no us
I’d hate to say but yes I do look at you with lust
Wondering why you affect me so
Your face makes me glow
It is the epitome of beauty
So soft and graceful
Everything you do, you do it so tastefully
Wishing I could let you know I feel
But I know that would be to unreal
I couldn’t let you know what’s on my mind
At least not to your face
No, no that would be a disgrace
Especially if I said it in the wrong place
at the wrong time
You’re constantly on my mind
like a iPod stuck in shuffle mode and repeat
Every song is you times three
I feel like my heart is going to explode because the chemistry is there
This pending connection we have
like Wi-Fi with no signal
We’re slowly getting closer
Slowly reaching new heights
Soon I’ll be fighting a new fight
As the feelings grow stronger
I’ll have to make them decrease
But the thought of you being mine
I don’t ever want that to cease
You’re forever forbidden
and it kills me to say that I’m definitely smitten.

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