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Maya Michelle Hudson: Poem – Lost Without A Tune

Wishing I knew where I belonged
Lost in a studio filled with everyone else’s songs
Wondering where I fit
Trying my best not to quit
But what do you do when all eyes are on you?
You want everyone to look away
Because you no longer know what to say or what you feel
You just know that this is not how you should be feeling
Wanting to fit the mold
Wondering what your eyes behold when you look at that reflection
Is it your heart’s detection of what is really there?
Or are you confused about what is really there?
What is it that sets me apart from the crowd?
What is that makes my voice not sound as loud?
What makes me seen so different from the rest?
What do I need to put these battles with my demons to rest?
I am lost but soon I’ll be found
Then I’ll see who stuck around and when the “going got tough” who was there
People come and go and life is not fair
So when the journey to happiness is done
I’ll know that the war was won

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