Nick Tucker: From East Baltimore To China

When I first decided to embark on this journey I had some uncertainties simply because it was my first time out of the United States, but now that I’m here I am so glad that I decided to take this opportunity. You know the media portrays this image of China as the big bad place, but in all actuality these are some of the most friendliest and loving people that I have crossed paths with. For example there’s Niko, Supreme, Hector and many others who have come from all over the world and they are so open and it’s just weird to me because from day one they all showed love.


Where I’m from people just don’t show love to any stranger because you never know the trouble it may bring. You see people from all walks of life come to this university and once you get to know them you realize that they all have the same mindset as you; get a education in order to provide for themselves and their families another example would be my good friend Zane from Morehouse College. We met on the first night when we arrived and in the past weeks we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, come to find out he’s a computer technology major, but wants to pursue the same field as I do and it seems like a match made in heaven. We plan on putting out some collaborative work very soon and it will only continue from there.


Every morning I wake up in this bed in Harbin, I thank God for putting this in my path, I believe that this trip was a valuable lesson for me to learn more about myself and others that I may not particularly associate myself with. I will forever be grateful for the friends and relationships that I have established coming on this trip.

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