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Q. D. Wright- Family Together Forever

Lizbeth photo

The stance on family is together forever,

I reside in a place that neglects this belief,

If only God ordered,

these particular steps many would not look twice in uproar,

patiently waiting for blessings to downpour,

I adjust to hate and non belief only to negate the sadness of this harsh reality,

In a time I can not believe I live in when people are taken and separated from family,

the only difference in the holocaust and now is that a camera phone would catch the selfie,

I digress,

No I protest,

No I confess,

just hold on as tight as I can to my family my black, brown, melanin restricted brothers and sisters,

knowing he will never let me down,

– Q. D. Wright


photo by: Lizbeth Gonzalez


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