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Que Eleven – Poem: Climate Control

BY: Que Eleven

One of many seasons to apply pressure to one’s soul of the climate
Some say it’s cold and some say death is in the air
City streets broken and the foundation lays dormant on mother’s hearts
Carrying history and her story and your story Chicago many sides of one coin
Trump says he will send in the Feds
The idea of the Feds is already dead
Neither will it help or promote peace
Real Leaders walk the grounds and examine the truth
Real Leaders talk to the common man and walk among the weak
And provide strength when times are hard and give hope to souls of the Windy City
Personable leaders and casual admission to dinner to eat off the same plate
Even knowing we all live to achieve dreams but all have the same fate
Dr. King walked among Kings and never lost the common touch
Which makes peace second nature vs any nurture to be compatible with any gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation
To God be All the glory and prayers for one nation
This term Trump next term Trumpets I promise we will play the horn loud and proud
Basquiat gave us SAMO and I’m giving you the Game Though

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  1. February 27, 2017 at 1:28 am — Reply

    Que!!!! This poem is SO TRUE! I absolutely love love love it! Especially the part when you said, “Dr. King walked among Kings and never lost the common touch.” Yes!!!

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