Que Eleven – Richard Collins III

By: Que Eleven
​One commencement ceremony blindsided by hatred, Richard described as a kind soul,
Richard being asked to step to the left knowing that this may be a chance to stand tall,
Only to fall victim to a hate crime on U.S soil, If one cares one stomach should come to a boil,
Richard Collins III, waits for a uber only he is stabbed in the chest with a knife so police and medics respond slowly because he is the victim and not the shooter,

2nd Lieutenant Richard Collins III I salute you, I pray for your family and loved ones and that the love people have for you will live forever,
Richard’s flame of faith will combine with is torch of truth and God will bless us with justice for his life being cut so short and so soon, Richards dreams will lay dormant on the MLK buildings foundation so that another soul can continue were Richard left off, A soul purpose to live, and still his soul lives on through the eyes of Angels,
Stars Spangled with your light shining bright in the air, praying when we open our eyes hatred would no longer be standing there,

One time for your commencement in the clouds, two times for the ribbons being worn tomorrow in your honor, three times for the mark you will leave on all of our hearts Richard Collins III with love from a brother from another mother change and progress will come in the morning we love you Richard.

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