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Que Eleven – Tamba Hali Interview

​Tamba Hali is known for making heads turn on any given Sunday with the Kansas City Chiefs. Today he is giving the world more than just exciting plays to watch in the NFL. Turns out Tamba Hali is a really good music artist as well recently collaborating with Nigerian Super Producer Masterkraft on “The One For Me” The songs catchy hook and island vibes gives listeners worldwide the good energy to keep this song on repeat. The song has manifested a dancing challenge with dancers from all over the world taking on the challenge to dance #TheOneForMeChallenge. Tamba has performed on tour and plans to do more touring once the NFL season is over. Tamba’s versatile style can be rooted to his Liberian roots as the singer, songwriter, rapper and independent label owner of Relumae Records shows you how to flex on an Afrobeat. He is getting ready for Opening day against the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Tamba gave me his word that he will be dropping more music soon to keep the growing momentum of this football stars music career growing. Tamba is our artist to watch as his single “The One For Me” climbs the charts we will be watching as he shifts the culture for the better I like to call him a major independent artist on the rise.

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By Que Eleven

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