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Quentin D. Wright: Distinguished Love (Wright On Time)

Poem for Tierra Taylor-Wright
Happy Birthday! Today is your day and the key word is Happy,
Your Happiness is the reason my blood pumps in my veins,
The feeling I get just to hear or read your name,
Elegance in the shape of a beautiful frame,
Happy Birthday Mrs. Wright,
I hope you enjoy your new last name,
God was Wright on Time,
Holding you has always made me believe,
God Granted me a wish,
I hope he grants your wish like he has granted mine,
The definition of making someone’s heart skip a beat,
The flow of the rivers course,
Images of new hearts on the lake,
Watching the time past us,
Bringing the sacred intermission of joy along with it,
God always on time,
Now Tierra Taylor-Wright on time I love you.

By Quentin D. Wright

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