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Quentin D. Wright – No Custody, No Chicago

No Custody No Chicago
Chicago to some segregated to most,
Morning edges peeled off the toast,
City with very few jobs West and South side neglected,
Only place we accept gang members over the politicians,
A place the politics is a pile of tricks,
This city Chicago is windy,
Keep your hat straight or get blew away,
If it’s hot outside then automatically draw two,
Take Two away,
Englewood I pray, Bronzeville I pray, 55th, 79th, 87th, 95th I Pray,
No more bullet rippled bodies,
I will police my own people like the Panthers,
So young like Gustavo,
Baby Angel of the Summer,
We count every weekend as they run up the numbers,
Every crime nobody in custody,
Am I imaging this or is it just me in Chicago…

By Quentin D. Wright

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