Racist Genocide Terrorizes The African Mind At Predominately White College Campuses

By: Dr. Ray


As a Black student who will never stop fighting for the liberation of my peoples, I continue to fight against the evil force of racism, which is the norm at predominately White college campuses across the United States. Anytime that I enter any area of my college campus, I am in constant fear and danger for my life. White faculty and staff members are trying to murder my mind and spirit. They are continuing to forcefully inject me with the deadly disease called White Supremacy, which is viciously destroying every aspect of my life. The more I demand that White faculty and staff members stop trying to lynch me, the more they continue to deny my request; as if they are like starving cannibals, slobbering over the last human remains. They don’t really care about me. They are continuing to inflict me with their poison-racist policies, practices, beliefs, actions, and attitudes. They use artificial terms and models embedded with racist ideologies, mascaraed in the name of cultural diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.
Predominately White college campuses are design to maintain White supremacy.
Their racist policies, structures, and actions are like an uncontrollable hurricane, terrorizing and destroying everything that the represents the greatness of Blackness. Therefore, I am experiencing a tremendous amount of misery, pain, and suffering. White faculty and staff members are and have created a culture filled with extremely hostility as if Black people are nonexistent, inferior beings. They are trying forcefully to brainwash us into believing that we must strip ourselves of our rich cultural heritage and conform to the evil thoughts, beliefs, and practices of White supremacy. They glorify the importance of learning and practicing the racist ideologies within all of the curriculums. They tell us that White cultural perspectives are the foundation of all curriculums, and we must embrace it in order to survive. They allow White racist students to make humiliating racist comments without taking any action against them. As Black people, we are being treated like inhumane creatures from an unknown world. Why do we have to be forced to experience mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual genocide at the hands of White faculty, staff, and students? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. As Black people, we must FINALLY establish our own African centered college so that we can truly fight for the continuous liberation and salvation of the African mind. Remember, A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Mind!!!

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