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So you want to be a comedian?

By: BJ Johnson

By no means is this article meant to hurt, demean or disparage any aspiring comedian. It is here for you to not be delusional in your current choice to be a stand up comedian. I truly don’t believe you can “become” a comedian. I think you’re born one. I say that for the simple fact that what you are about to embark upon, is going to try you mentally, spiritually, physically
as well as financially. Either you have it in you to persevere through it
or you don’t. That’s why I say comedians are born. We eat up the trials and
tribulations and ask for more.

I guess if you truly want to be a comedian you need to ask yourself the
typical questions: who, what, where, when, how and why? Why do I want to be a
comedian? What do I expect from comedy? What contribution do I bring to
the table? How long do I give myself to “make it” in stand up comedy? Where
do I expect to go with stand up comedy? When should I start getting
involved? The most important in my opinion is, who do I think I am to
believe I’m funny?

Understand that in this hustle called comedy, talent is only a small
fraction of your journey. Tenacity, drive, personality, etc is part of it.
The part no one likes to admit is that “Luck” is a huge part of it as well. Being
in the right place, at the right time, when the right opportunity presents
itself, is key.

Why do you want to be a comedian? Are you the funny one? Did someone suggest
you become a comedian? Understand making people that know, love and care
about you is one thing. Making people that pay to laugh is a different
beast. Some people need to be taken away from their everyday reality via

What do you expect from comedy? Do you expect a decent living, romance,
fame fortune? Knowing what you want from a career choice is key. It is
often the catalyst to how much effort we put forward into what we do.
How long do you give yourself to make it? I guess you have to decide what “making it” means to you? Is it a radio show, movies, sitcom commercials etc? Always have goals, but be realistic. There are literally thousands of
comedians out there striving to attain the same goals as yourself. It’s not a race. Don’t think because you get on tv, get a commercial, or a big part that you’ve hit your zenith. In most instances, you’ve only just begun.

What do you bring to the stand up comedy world? What makes you stand out? You need to work on separating yourself from the pack. There are plenty of generic, hack­ass stand up comedians. They are still doing the same jokes at the same venues. They’re in pause mode. They’re going nowhere. When should I start? That’s easy…NOW! You’re already at the bottom. If you want to ascend, you must begin. Who do I think I am, to believe I can make total strangers laugh? Only you can answer that one. Comedy comes from day to day events, past events and good old fashion made up BS. It’s up to you to search for it within yourself. There’s more to it than what’s in this article. I’ll share more as time goes on. The most important thing is this: If you come into this world of comedy, be good to it although it’ll let you down, hurt and reject you. If you can get through the garbage that comes with this career choice, you may turn out to be a half ­ass decent comedian. Don’t take anything that’s going to happen to you personal, it only gets worse, I promise. It’s these things you go through that’ll mold you into a beast of a comedian!

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