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On this episode we continue to have those real conversations about whats driving the culture forward! This past week it was Jerrod Carmichael 8, Drake and Rick Ross, and the controversial film Burning Sands. We also discuss Chimamanda Adiche’s transgender comments; was everyone mad about her comments or did they

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Alike Chandler. Photo by Khalia Green ©2016

By: Alike Zesiro Chandler M.A. Multicultural Education, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Connecting Mental Health & Education/CalVCP,Pre-license Therapist, Educator (Performing Arts/Journalism), CAMFT, Assoc. of Black Psychologist   The field of Psychology has grown exponentially within the past decade. When we think of some of the pioneering theorists, we think of Sigmund Freud

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By: Opeyemi Eboda   Cooking has been my passion since I was about 12 years old. I can’t remember what dish it was that made me realize this but here I am. I love food. I love the color. I love the chemistry. I love how one miscalculation can make

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Carmen Perez has been fighting for the liberation of people of color throughout the world for over 20 years. She is well respected nationally and abroad for her ability to organize and her commitment to solving the everyday struggle of human rights. Her dedication caught the attention of one the

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