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Michael Cortez: So, everyone knows there’s a reason to everything, what made you start playing football? Najee: What made me start playing football was to keep me out of trouble so my mom put me in football. Michael Cortez: Man, that sure was time invested right (laughs). Najee: Yea, I

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By: Whitney McArthur Calling All Artists… Our generation is one full of creativity. But our economic situations have not allowed us all to flourish in our artistries as quickly as we would like. The cost of living an adult life gets in the way. So no, we do not have the

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By: Queen Travers Meet Christin Montgomery. Christin is a 29 year old wife and mother, studying history at the University of Colorado, Denver. After receiving her degree, Christin is looking to further her education and receive an advanced degree in library and information sciences so that she can be an archivist

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