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Supreme Queen is a community based street clothing line from San Francisco established March 2013 to promote positivity, unity, and self-worth amongst young women from urban communities. The line prides itself on their “in your face” content, controversial slogans, and styles of clothing that highlight the struggles and triumphs of

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By: BJ Johnson By no means is this article meant to hurt, demean or disparage any aspiring comedian. It is here for you to not be delusional in your current choice to be a stand up comedian. I truly don’t believe you can “become” a comedian. I think you’re born one.

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By: Ronnishia Johnson “They want to say bye bye to the Bay view. The media used to hate us, now they pay per view. Picture that, no trivia to that, dress it up like gentrification is the new black. They see us when we fall, but they never want to

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