Tatianah Green: Journey To 30 (Book Review)

By: Quentin D Wright

1. What made you write Journey to 30?

When I attended my younger sister’s birthday dinner in 2015 I wrote in her card a few words of advice that I would have loved to hear when I was in my early twenties. Shortly after that, God planted the idea to create a book on advice guiding young women under age 30. I also wanted to include addressing the anxieties of turning 30 and being single for those closer to my age. With the interviews I had with those amazing women listed in the book, Journey to 30 covers more than I was expecting to the benefit of every reader.

2. Do you feel a social responsibility to give your insight on key issues for young ladies?

I feel that it’s a part of my purpose. I always had a strong desire to help encourage peers in my age group, and even women ahead of me in age tell me that what I do inspires them, which is humbling. I was not interested in women’s ministry at all, but the cool thing about God is that He uses us in ways that are not typical. He’s not boring! I was purposed to minister to women through this book! To have Journey to 30 discussing the issues in the book was necessary and I look forward to doing more with a video channel in the near future to cover more topics on living life as a woman through her thirties. Stay up to date on the Journey through 30 Facebook page:

3. Who are some of your favorite authors?

I read a lot of non-fiction books, so Hill Harper, Sophia Nelson, Devon Franklin, Cornelius Lindsey and Jack Frost are just some of them.

4. Will you write another book and what will it be about and what audience will you target or try to reach?

I definitely have a few more books to write in the future. I want to let all the ideas God has given me out, even if they intimidate me. I’m considering several ideas including a photo series coffee table book, fiction and more. I want to write for Millennials, women, couples, and whoever else my projects reach.

5. What advice would give to someone writing their first book?

Definitely keep a specific date in mind for when you want to see the finished book in your hands. Visualize holding your own book, getting to flip through the pages. Think about that moment and dedicate the time to get there. I personally wanted to be published by my 30th birthday, and it happened thanks to my publisher at November Media Publishing. For you it could be a year, longer or shorter amount of time, but get it done!


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