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TeAna S.R. Brown – Love Ain’t Colorblind

With all of the hype surrounding Jordan Peele’s recently released film “Get Out”, I find it pertinent to tackle the topic of interracial relationships. A lot of folks in the ‘conscious community’ shy away from this issue because it strikes such a personal chord in their lives. I would never date a white man.

Now before the All Lives Matter patrol busts in, I’d like to tell you why. There is a not-so-subtle genocide of our culture that has been going on since America’s inception. Whether it be slavery, mass incarceration, the war on drugs, police brutality, or chemical warfare, the destruction of black life has always been on the United States’ agenda. As someone who considers herself a Pan-African ideologist and very ‘pro-black’ (ever wonder why there’s a subsection of our people called pro-black? If you’re not pro-black, what does that make you? Anti-black? #StayWoke), my goal is to promote solidarity between all people of African descent. If your pro-blackness isn’t foundational in the way you live your daily life, including who you date, you might be doing it wrong.
My deliberate dating of black men is intended to result in a black marriage, which will unquestionably result in black babies. Those black children will be raised with the knowledge that dating, marrying, and reproducing with another black person is vital to our people’s survival. There is a fertility clinic in Ghana that specializes in the insemination of black women that allows them to have biracial children, in order to build ‘a better future for Africa’.

From a less scientific standpoint, there are a lot of people who question me and insist that I may be missing out on my soulmate by ‘limiting’ myself to only dating within my race. To which I respond, the only reason I was born in the diaspora is because of the brutal kidnapping and enslavement of my ancestors. Black women were raped, mutilated, and experimented on by their captors. Had I been born and raised in the motherland, would that person of European descent still be my soulmate? I doubt it.

In the movie, Peele addresses many of the stigmas surrounding why black men date white women and what can come with it. However, this article is not meant to bash an entire race based on loose stereotypes and generalization. If anything, it is meant to highlight the importance of loving and supporting one another. One of my favorite sayings is, “Black Love is Revolutionary”. It is essential that we advocate for the self-preservation of our people. Simply by loving one another and choosing to be with each other, we are aiding in the dismantling of racism white supremacy.

TeAna S.R. Brown

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  1. March 15, 2017 at 12:45 pm — Reply

    I absolutely loved your article!
    As a fellow young black woman, I agree with your statements on “preserving our race.” While I too have said “I’d never date a White man” for many stereotypical reasons such as not understanding my family, or trying to touch my locs. Your article helped me look deeper into the genocide of our race due to interracial dating. Not only that but I definitely agree with mass incarceration destroying our Black kings and even our queens. Thank you for highlighting a very touchy subject in the community. I look forward to reading your work.

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