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The Birth of Black Liberation: When Black Celebrities Meets African Centered Consciousness

By Dr. Ray

I am so proud of Black Celebrities who are now starting to show their African centered consciousness to the massive of Black people. These Black celebrities have let the world know that Black Lives Always Mattered. Thus, I am so proud of Kanye West and Jay-Z for challenging the oppressive and racist music industry. I am so proud of D.L. Hughley for addressing the racist political and judicial system. I am so proud of Spike Lee, Jada-Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith for exposing the racist practices and policies with the Academy Awards. I am so proud of Beyoncé, John Legend, Chris Brown, and Kendrick Lamar for exposing institutionalize racism within all aspects of the American system. Their powerful voices and influences are what Black people need in order to continue to destroy the evil forces of racism and Black genocide. These iconic Black celebrities are unapologetically displaying African centered consciousness by letting the world know that Black Lives Matters to Black people.

Therefore, I am calling on all Black Celebrities to follow the footsteps of Kanye West, Jay-Z, D.L. Hughley, Spike Lee, Jada-Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Beyoncé, John Legend, Chris Brown, and Kendrick Lamar. We need all of our iconic giants to display their unapologetic African centered consciousness in their own creative way. Whether it’s through music, film, schools, hospitals, businesses, banks, media, or policies-we need you to continue to be awesome. Thus, Black people are your biggest fans. We love you! We respect you. We will always protect you from any evil wicket forces that try to destroy you. You are our leaders, and we will forever be loyal to you! Just remember, our African centered unity is our greatest form of liberation. This is why “There Is No Nation… Without Black Liberation!!!

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