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Vision- Catch Flights Not Feelings



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Vi·sion/ˈviZHən; noun: the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

This is the true definition of the rap artist Vision. For as long as he can remember, he possessed a creative mind and had foresight of a successful career in music. Vision tackles the task of being an indie artist working  towards his goal with old fashioned hard work and dedication. He hails from the south side of Chicago and his experiences growing up definitely helped shaped his style of music and who he is as an artist. Like his native city, he is both rough around the edges with his explicit suggestive lyrics, but also sophisticated with song concepts that boast versatility and catchy metaphors. Vision collaborates with local clothing designers and artists to pay homage to his city. A lot of his music is heavily produced by fellow south sider Trak Surg. His first solo project was the “One and Done” EP, which was released on SoundCloud in 2014. It had 9 tracks with samples of various beats showcasing Vision’s lyrical talents; no hooks, just straight bars! The most popular was “Tale of 2”, which sampled the beat from J Cole’s “A Tale of 2 Cities” where Vision raps about controversial events that were going on at the time and life growing up in the Windy City. His next project was his album “The White Building” with 13 tracks which was released on SoundCloud on Labor Day in 2017. The top tracks were “Big Bank” and “Break it Down” which both have videos on YouTube, as well as “Foreign”. Vision’s most recent works are nostalgic and incorporate soulful R&B. His song “Minnie” sampled “Inside My Love” by Minnie Ripelton and “Catch Flights Not Feelings” sampled “Tenderoni” by Bobby Brown which both have videos on YouTube. This up and coming artist is someone you will want to follow, stay tuned to see what else he has in store.








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